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NC DOC Polcies and Procedures

NC DOC Polcies and Procedures

Volunteering in NC Correctional InstitutionsClick on any of these subjects for more information from the NC Department of Corrections website:

      •  Why Should One Become Involved in Correctional Volunteer Services? 
      •  Volunteer Opportunities in the Division of Prisons 
      •  Who May Volunteer? 
      •  Requirements for Volunteers 
      •  Guidelines for Volunteers 
      •  How Does a Volunteer Actually Help an Inmate? 
      •  Basic Communication Skills 
      •  Advising the Inmate 

Information Regarding the Prison Rape Elimination Act

Forms:Blue Card Training Workshops
Gives directions and deadlines for filling out the necessary forms and where to send them.

Request for a DCI Check

Needed for renewal AND new volunteer workshops.


Needed for all new volunteer workshops.